Barbecue Bridal Shower? Sure, why not it’s only December!

bridal shower invitations

Is actually a couple months ago, in fact my last BBQ was in August and I have never celebrated one this late in the year. But then I guess it is unseasonably warm this year. It was in the 70s the entire week and I would usually be pulling on my snow boots just to make it to the car at this time of year. And they try and tell me global warming is nonsense. But that is a post for another day.

I knew that I was going to be invited to a bridal shower soon. That is just how it is, there is the warning that an invitation is on the way. It is sort of like how you almost always know that there will be a surprise party for you when your friends all start acting suspicious.

When I got the envelope out of my mailbox I wasn’t surprised. It was pinkish red so it was a pretty good chance it was the invitation to the bridal shower or a Christmas card, but I knew it wasn’t the latter. None of my family has that good of taste. I always get the gaudy red one with some green splashed on it for good measure. This envelope had some lighter checkered print which also made it less Chrismasy and more bridal shower like. She my deductive skills are pretty sharp. And you just thought I watched Sherlock because I was shipping him with Watson. 😛

The surprising part was that the party was going to be a barbecue style couples shower. The couples part didn’t surprise me because I know both the bride and groom really well. And it is something they would do, but the BBQ part, that shocked me. One because one of them is a vegetarian and two it is going to be January when we’re standing around outside freezing.

I texted them and they assured me it wasn’t a misprint.

It seems like barbecues are a whole segment of the bridal shower business. I don’t know why it surprised me, this site even has a whole section dedicated the bridal shower invitations. The bridal shower picture at the top of the page is actually from their site. You didn’t actually think that I would post the invitation for my friends’ bridal shower did you? That would be a little creepy.

I’m fine with the idea though, I like it better than an old school bridal shower. I have been to a couple of those, somebody’s aunt usually hosted it and it consisted of several shades of boring. Bridal showers are only slightly better than baby showers in the fun department. At least here we get to have fun at the guest of honor’s expense. And since I love BBQ as long as it is of the veggie sort this one may at least have the potential to be fun.

Depending on how the bridal shower, or couples shower whatever you want to call it turns out, I am tempted to post again about the subject. Until then I will just leave you with my current impression on how it will be.

winter couples shower fail


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